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  • Thank you!

    As we celebrate Kidney Academy's First Year, we'd like to recognize the organizations and meetings with a focus on dialysis access. Thank you all for your help along the way this first year. Together we are building a useful online resource for collaboration and training centered around the ESKD patient. 
  • Kidney Academy's May Newsletter

    Our May newsletter just went out.

    View it here. 

  • Cannulation Coach

    Have you visited the Cannulation Coach forum here in the member portal? We have a team of cannulation experts who will be posting topics. Please use this forum as a place to collaborate on improvements in the area of Cannulation. Many online conversations are already underway!
  • Honoring Mr. Fred Hill

    Kidney Academy would like to honor an inspirational patient and his accomplishments.
    Introducing Fred Hill, a founder, pastor, teacher, facilitator, personal trainer, "Reset" coach and author of "Dialysis Is Not Your Life." In 2000, he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD). In 2012 he was placed on dialysis and in 2015 he received his kidney transplant.

    Since then, he has received his Dialysis Technician Certificate of Completion and Personal Trainer Level 2 Certification. He developed a low to moderate exercise program for people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT), and Kidney Transplant Patients to experience better health.

    Announcing the release of his new book: "Dialysis Is Not Your Life" . We would like to challenge the clinical community at Kidney Academy to reach out to Mr. Hill, buy his book, and share with your patients.

    Kidney Academy serves the medical community for the benefit of patients like Fred Hill. High Five to you! You can purchase the book here:

    We've also captured videos with Mr Hill and his physician: Ari Kramer



  • This is YOUR Community

    We have received many excellent suggestions from our “Virtual Suggestion Box," a huge thank you to those who have responded! We are listening & working to deliver the content that you are most interested in for your professional development.

    Kidney Academy's online community is a place for idea sharing for ESKD clinicians. This is YOUR online community, and we want to deliver the content that adds the MOST VALUE to your life and career.

    Please answer the following in our virtual suggestion box:
    1. What specific content / cases / journal articles would you like to see?
    2. How would you like to learn and connect? Online chat? Videos? Live small discussion groups?

    Virtual Suggestion Box
  • Seeking Home Dialysis Cases for CBL

    Share Your Home Dialysis Cases with Kidney Academy.

    Do you have a home dialysis case to share (PD or HD)? KA is interested in developing it into a Case-based Learning opportunity on their online member portal to reach a global audience of 40 countries.

    Please email Kidney Academy at cbl@kidneyacademy.com
  • Kidney Academy Moderating ASOT Session on 1/21

    Kidney Academy is delighted to join in the education and collaboration efforts with the African Society of the Transplantation (ASOT). Therese Wykoff of Kidney Academy will be moderating a session on Thursday, January 21st, 11am-1pm MST.

    Topics include: Artificial Intelligence, telemedicine, International Collaboration and training to improve outcomes, the value of digital education delivery during COVID-19.

    Interested in joining?
    JOIN HERE: echoslive.com/asot2021

    New Expert Opinion Video

    Watch the video PLANNING AND PREPARATION FOR ENDO AVF presented by Alexandros Mallios 

    Watch the video & join the discussion
  • Virtual Suggestion Box

    Please use this anonymous suggestion box to provide your feedback about our site.
    1. What specific content / cases / journal articles would you like to see?
    2. How would you like to learn and connect? 

  • 2021 Meetings & Events

    2021 virtual (and in-person) meetings, symposiums & conferences with a dialysis access component are listed here:

    Are we missing anything? Let us know and we will add it.
  • Sharing on Behalf of MEI

    Kidney School Offers Free Patient Education

    The non-profit Medical Education Institute (MEI) recently announced two new learning modules for its award-winning patient education program, Kidney School. Launched in 2002, Kidney School offers FREE, tailored education written at a 6th grade reading level for people with stages 4–5 chronic kidney disease (CKD). It now has has 18 learning modules in total, intended to help patients understand how to live a good life while managing the disease.

    The two new learning modules are Kidney Failure and Your Work Life and  Paying for Dialysis or Transplant. They cover many of the topics that may be worrisome to patients with kidney failure. The modules provide practical tips and links to helpful resources that make these concerns easier to manage. 

    Please consider sharing this resource with your patients, or contact info@mei.org if you have questions.